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The season of winter has inspired the greatest of composers.  It is, for many people, a time of hardship and soul-searching.  For others it is magical and beautifully personal.  


This one-hour journey through the pictures and emotions of winter is a musical representation of everything which this special season represents.  As always, our concerts are designed to be friendly and informal, and are followed by complimentary drinks.

Chris Cartner - piano

F. Mendelssohn:  Fantasia on "The Last Rose of Summer" 

P. I. Tchaikovsky:  "Autumn" (from "Seasons") 


S. Rachmaninoff:  Étude-tableaux in G minor, op.33 no.8 

A. Vivaldi:  Largo “Winter" (from "Four Seasons")

C. Debussy:  Des pas sur la neige ("Footprints in the snow")

P. I. Tchaikovsky:  Overture (from "Nutcracker" Suite) 

F. Chopin:  Prelude in D-flat ‘Raindrop’

C. Debussy:  ‘The snow is dancing’ (from "Children’s Corner")

S. Rachmaninoff:  Prelude in G# minor, op. 32 no.12


F. Poulenc:  Melancolie  

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